MEDIATION for corporations


CROSS DEPARTMENTS: various corporate departments have different objects. Timing, ambitions, characters can clash, and often they do. Time pressure.

Individuals stop communicating with each other, and the due progress of the project will be harmed. Things may get worse - resulting in resentment, estrangement and avoidance. A mediator can assist in repairing what needs to be done. Outcome: better and effective communication - projects get completed.

BETWEEN COLLEAGUES: different personalities, different cultures exist. It is easy not to talk about differences, and move on. As a result, the department or office starts to have little cracks.

A few talks with a mediator can make a big difference. Outcome: open communication - department members feel more inclusive, happier and willing to work hard without feeling sick or pressured.

CROSS-CULTURAL: in international settings, misunderstandings and conflicts may arise.

Example: in business the Dutch have a tendency to voice their opinion in a direct way, which can be experienced as ‘rude’ or ‘confronting’. A mediator/facilitator can provide guidance in international settings. Result: parties will have more understanding with one another and can work more effectively.




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