MEDIATION for start-ups and TEch companies

FOUNDER FACILITATION: A startup ideally has a balanced team. The ‘holy startup triangle’ consists of a hipster, a hacker and a hustler (in other words: a designer, an engineer, and a marketeer). So: good teams have more than one discipline, with varying characters and different backgrounds. These complementary characters do not always speak the same language, which may cause miscommunication and therefore ultimately lead to conflicts. We facilitate these discussions for tech companies and startups. Download the Founder Facilitation document.

INVESTOR RELATIONS: relationships with investors may need to be led by a third party. Differences in cultures (finance and tech), age, or nationality, can be a cause of conflict or misunderstanding. Mediation can streamline and keep the sensitive balance.

SOFTWARE PROVIDERS AND OTHER SUPPLIERS: payment disputes, misunderstanding about terms, warranties, claw back provisions etc. can be resolved through mediation. Branch specific knowledge is essential.




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