Team Facilitation

We design and co-facilitate workshops with the purpose of empowering people to collaborate.

We have spent many hours working together to design processes and co-facilitate workshops for teams, companies and families. See what others are saying: Testimonials.



In our approach, the philosophy of Zenergy to facilitation is visible. Robert is a Zenergy Unlimited certified facilitator and MfN mediator.

Three components form the basis of the exploreMediation method:

  • Whole Person listening

  • Experiential Learning (learn by doing)

  • Collective Intelligence (embrace the collective wisdom of the group).

We support collective decision making and building a deeper bond between members of a group, tribe or team. We see our role as a facilitation team to enhance the development of mutual understanding as we guide a group to achieve their purpose. For startups: download our Founder Facilitation Introduction.

We build on:

  • Thoughts : old and new values. Creating a culture consisting of a set of behaviors for years to come as a team. Connect individual values to group value.

  • Words : special (customary) words, stories or old songs from the company founder, tribe, or family ancestry will be revisited.

  • Experience: we use creativity sessions, where you will create something that embodies the spirit (values) of a team or family. 

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