Robert de Wilde

Having worked for 20 years as a legal advisor (as attorney and in-house counsel), negotiating, solving conflicts and drafting documentation -mostly in tech and ICT setting- Robert decided to work more in line with his personal values: harmony, respect and human interest. He is a registered MfN Mediator and certified coach in, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Robert advised more than 25 multinationals and Dutch companies, such as Philips Lighting, CapGemini, KPN, Sabic, Ericsson, Fujifilm, Accenture, Shell, Vodafone, Pepsico, Canon, ABB, Bertelsmann, EclecticIQ, FoxIT, and many other smaller and large companies.

As a process facilitator his customers are benefited by his business acumen, experience in the field, flexibility and empathy.


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