About Mediation

Mediation is the art of facilitating conflicts. It’s done together, not against each other. In mediation, the parties are leading the way. The mediator is skilled in guiding the process. Business mediators know their way in deep financial, business or personal conflict and made it their mission to allow parties to communicate again. Parties solve disputes in a more human and effective way: individuals or teams will need to re-enter conversations, resolve old resentments, solve issues. Alternatively, they may choose go separate ways without the expensive costs and timely litigation. It can also be a way to improve the way parties or individuals work together.

Why a Mediator? 

Mediators combine listening and facilitating skills with excellent industry knowledge.

Mediation parties have more influence on the proceedings. No Court involved.

Costs are lower; litigation of a simple matter usually costs a minimum of EUR 15.000. In mediation, costs will usually be many times less.

Parties often continue relationships after the sessions. This is different in Court proceedings. 

More informal meetings, more authentic talks. Sessions can be held in a friendly inspiring environment. We had sessions in nature, old estates, historic sites, at home, at lofts/incubators and on old living boats.

How does it work? 

Motives and interests will need to brought to the surface. Mediators will seek joint interests to open the door to solutions. Often parties are stuck in taking a stance without communicating their real interests, wishes and fears. A mediator is used in the professional world to break open the truth in a more positive way. 


  • Intake: to see if there is a match with us (no costs, unless this leads to the first session)

  • Planning of the sessions

  • Exchange of stories

  • Exploring joint positions and opposite positions

  • Trying to reach consensus on certain topics

  • Closing

The mediation takes usually 3-5 sessions, depending on the complexity/international the setting/number of parties. Further sessions may be required. The length of the conversations usually is no more than an hour and a half.


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